"You are living upon the “new Earth” so now you must become the “new Human” to match the energy around you. We are here to facilitate in this process as we, ourselves have gone through the same evolution and growth."  - The Divinians

This is a foundation course in the Web of Life series with four lessons offered from Jeilene and her guides to help you achieve health, balance, and peace within.  

The course includes:

  • recorded web-casts with Jeilene Tracey on each lesson topic
  • channeled tone sound transmissions for each topic.
  • accompanying course materials including exercises, meditations, and helpful guidance on food and best practices for well-being.
  • An easy to use portal where information is stored and can be easily visited and downloaded.

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Lesson One: The Body Energetic

The Arcturians explain how our physical being comes into form and how that form is in constant communication with our energetic environment. They provide an exercise to help you begin to become an active participant in the world around you, understanding what is present and how it feels.  This allows us to better understand our environment and the unconscious drivers behind our reactions and responses.   

Lesson Two: Your Microbiome and the Heart-Brain-Gut Connection

The microbiome and its connection to our immunity, endocrine system and brain function is explained along with how we can best support it. The Mantis Collective share their perspective on our connection to the microbiome and how this relates to our relationship with Earth, our health and the whole Gaian system.  Also included are suggestions on how to best support our microbiome with food and energy work.  

Lesson Three: Brain Dynamics

The Divinians share their experience and wisdom on the evolution process of humans and some of the practical ways in which we can step into that more fully. A set of tones are offered by the Divinians in conjunction with the energies of the Earth to create new connections in the brain, release limiting beliefs, decrease brain fog and optimize overall brain function.  This is key in cultivating healthy longevity and extending our time here on Earth.  

Lesson Four: Healing with the Earth Keepers

The Mantis teach you how to use tones to balance and equilibrate the systems of your body to that of Earth's for healing, peace, and well-being within.  Everyone is capable of making a positive impact on their health and to better understand what their body needs to thrive.  The Mantis and Earth Logos teach us how to do this and remind us:  "You are more powerful than you realize and we celebrate you unfolding into this awareness and knowledge."

The Mantis Speak on the Microbiome Connection

In this sample webcast, the Mantis Collective wished to share their perspective and thoughts on our connection to the microbiome and how this relates to our relationship with Earth, our health and the whole Gaian system.  

  • Light Vibes Network

    “This nurturing course reveals how brain, digestive, and immune issues interact, and empowers you to address them from a neuroplasticity approach that is both embodied and spiritual. I greatly appreciate the intelligent and healing ways Jeilene brings together science and spirituality. This is a course for your head and your heart (and your gut!). ”



  • Light Vibes Network

    “This was such an amazing lesson! Exactly what I needed to hear about all those beings in this form!! I feel like I woke up thru matter in a whole new way! Then the audio Tone was such a wonderful integration! I have this sense of my form being my universe to care for in such a deep way, my family that came thru the cosmos to be here! It brings so much peace and joy! Thank you all so much!”

  • Light Vibes Network

    “I kept thinking about this tone and circled back to do it again after some time since doing it. It had the same profound affect at this place where I am currently - like it is meeting me where I am. I am going to use it as an ongoing good practice!”

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