Vibrational Genetics School Course

Web of Life Course

The time has come to share the practice and the deeper relationship possible with the Mantis to enable each of you to personally work with them for healing and evolution.  We are all energy beings having a physical experience, manifesting our physical form with the assistance of the raw elements of Earth.  I'm so excited and honored to share the powerful healing techniques I've learned from the Mantis. Their healing modality works from the inside out, from the deepest origins of the soul's energy field to its physical manifestation in the Now, and it does so with a warm and loving energy that nurtures and heals deep wounds for profound shifts of consciousness and expression.

Part 1: Introduction to Vibrational Genetics - Healing Self, Healing Others 

Recorded Web Gathering #1

Part 2: Healing Sessions with the Mantis

Recorded Web Gathering #2

Part 3: Working with the Body Systems and Connections

Recorded Web Gathering #3