As we move through this time of transformation on our planet, it is more important than ever to maintain a close connection to our PRIME State of Being to keep planetary shifts in perspective and alignment with our Soul's path.

The PRIME State of Being is the access point to your Oversoul, understanding your evolutionary path and purpose, the truth of your being, and your innate gifts

This course offers the meaning and structure of the PRIME State of Being and provides the guidance and support for you to create a PRIME 5 Movements practice to maintain the PRIME State of Being on an ongoing basis.

Demonstrations, meditation and tones, a PDF guide, tips on how to incorporate toning, and how to maintain the PRIME State of Being are included to help you get the most out of your practice.

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Start Your Prime 5 Movements Practice

The Earth Logos and Mantis have provided Jeilene with 5 movements, practiced simultaneously with sound, to return each of us to our unique PRIME State of Being.  These 5 movements, when practiced regularly, help to restore your energetic balance, connect you to both the Cosmic and Earth energies, and strengthen your resilience and adaptability.  Our environment is changing rapidly and it is important to be adaptable and resilient in order to survive and thrive in this new environment. 

More than ever it is vital that we connect to our PRIME energetic state and the Earth in order to allow our higher self to inhabit more of our experience here.  This will not only help us stay grounded and aligned with our soul’s path of intended experience, but will also supply much needed resilience and fortitude for our bodies, minds, and spirits while we witness the swiftly changing human experience.

Lesson One:
The Prime 5 Movements

  • The 5 Movements Explained
  • PRIME 5 Movements Demonstration
  • PRIME 5 Movements Guide
  • PRIME Meditation and Tones   

Lesson Two:
IN ACTION: Your PRIME 5 Movements Practice

  • Getting Started with Toning
  • Your Energy Field and PRIME Movements and Toning
  • Benefits of a PRIME 5 Movements Practice
  • Focus with the PRIME 5 Movements
  • Meditation and Tones to SUPERCHARGE Your Prime 5 Movements Practice.
  • Light Vibes Network

    “I did the movements and toning for the first time today. It felt so wonderful I didn't want to stop! ”

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