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Notes from the Earth - April 2020

Message from Jeilene
Working with the Mantis and Inner-Earth beings, I have been guided to share a message and exercise to gain a better understanding of our current situation and become proactive in working with the energies of this now moment.

Message from the Mantis Collective
We call on each of you during this turbulent energetic time to work with the energies and beings of the Inner-Earth to release deep levels of fear, trauma, and restriction that has been safely harbored by Earth for thousands of years.  Earth will no longer perform this service for humanity due to the extreme imbalance of her surface environment.  We must assist her now for the betterment of all and to hasten the process of release.  As empaths, each of you is feeling the turbulence and intensity of the vibratory field around you right now.  Actively participating in the exercise offered with bring your energetic system into balance with what is present around you helping you feel grounded, peaceful, and engaged.  

Exercise:  Releasing Earth Trauma, Fear, and Control Density
The Mantis offer this exercise to assist Earth as she releases massive amounts of density from thousands of years of trauma, fear, and control programs running on her surface.

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New Earth Message from the Mantis Collective

It is time to journey inward to the Earth to help hold the energy of the planet through this transformation. What we see on the surface is an indication that you will need to find safety and solace down below, in the belly of the Earth. There is a reason that long ago, the early civilizations took comfort and shelter deep within the Earth. At times the impetus to do so was offered by beings who live within Earth’s many layers and who helped the people to understand what was helpful to do in order to survive. Those beings still exist and are still supporting Earth and all of her creatures.

The Mantis make a similar offering now, to urge surface dwellers to return to the belly of our planet in order to seek shelter from what is happening on the surface. Because this is not possible to do physically for most all of you, we suggest you do this mentally, spiritually, energetically. Spend time each day allowing your energy, thoughts, intentions, and focus to connect with the deepest parts of the Earth. When you do, you will start to connect with the many beings who call inner Earth their home.

We are nearing a time when the presence and identity of these beings will come to be known on your surface. Disclosure means not only that the connections your race has been making with extra-terrestrials will come to light, but also that the presence of the Earth dwellers will also occur – as some of you already know. We, the Mantis, maintain both a physical and energetic presence internally within Earth. What you think of as “your” planet is really owned by no one, no thing, no race, no plant, animal, or microbe. Earth is a being just like you and me, and as such, she cannot and will not be owned by another being outside of herself. There are so many beings, what you may consider creatures on, in, and around Earth that you are unaware of.

We, the inner-Earth dwellers, have been maintaining the energetic and physical balance of Earth for millions of years. We are the elementals, the multi-dimensional beings that have mastered travel through the energetic realms, the basis of life on Earth, the soup from which you arose, the replenishment of life, the Ying to your Yang existence, the belly, the womb. We hold the sacred chalice of energy of rebirth for our beloved Earth. You are witnessing the rebirth of that energy now. This powerful energy has begun the process of purifying the Earth.

We urge each one of you to begin to send your energy inward into the Earth at this time to not only help you to weather the current energetic storm, but also to support the being you know as Earth to continue to clear and release an immense amount of density around a plethora of low vibrational timelines that are clearing simultaneously.

This is not a typical time on your planet, this is not a typical type of energy. The energy flowing in this moment is powerful, intense, cleansing, and radical. It is not concerned about allowing you all to get used to the idea of change – it IS change. It cannot be something that it isn’t. It has one modus of operation – to clean, clear, and purge the discordant trauma timelines that have flowed through Earth’s veins for thousands of years. She can no longer tolerate this poison and has orchestrated events so that she may finally release the buildup of fear and control that has pervaded on the surface for millennia.

By sending your energy into Earth you are creating a strong bridge of healing, release, and renewal between you and Earth to make this transition easier for all of us. As an inner-Earth dweller, we Mantis have been witness to many timelines of existence on Earth’s surface. We have concluded through that witnessing that remaining within the interior of Earth is generally the safest place to be. It is not what you think it is down here. We have light, we have growth, we have life, we have vast communities of “creatures”. We are ancient, far older than the life that exists upon the surface. We have been part of this planet for millions of years, supporting her and finding shelter within her body.

As relative newcomers here, humans know little about how to live in harmony in, upon, and around Earth’s body to maintain your existence. At every turn humankind has been polluting her body with its never-ending desire to own more, be more, and control more.

The tide is turning now. Earth is taking back ownership of the events that are happening upon her surface and returning her body to a more pristine state of being. In doing your part to assist this process you help make this transition less energetically disruptive and destructive. By helping this process, you also help create a new Earth for humans that is more aware than just themselves but is also deeply connected to the natural world. You cannot separate yourselves from nature – you ARE nature. You cannot separate yourselves and think yourselves different from all life upon Earth. You ARE life. ALL life is the same, equal. ALL is a creation of energy and intention from the divine Source of all being.

Love Earth as much as you love your children. Love Earth in the way that you wished you were loved as a child. What would have been the perfect parents been like to experience as a child? Be that perfect parent now to Earth and fill her with love, gratitude, support, care, and prosperity of intention for expansion and growth. The love you will receive in return from Earth is unmeasurable. The positive effects of this bridge of love cannot be expressed completely to you in this medium. Know that your future depends upon it and the future of your children’s children and beyond.

~The Mantis Collective

Energy Releasing Exercise

This exercise should be performed outside in as natural a setting as possible.  You are doing a powerful clearing in this process so be sure to be well hydrated.  You may feel a little dizzy or woozy afterword, so have something grounding and nutritious to eat if needed.  Doing this exercise often over the next few weeks will help you maintain a balanced energy field and high frequency of vibration within and around your body to weather this energetic transition with ease and grace.  

Prime 5 Movements Series

Step 1

Calm the mind by breathing deeply and slowly. Become centered and connected to the present moment.  Drop your awareness into your heart to shift and raise your vibration.

Step 2

Feel into your environment.  Where do the energies and beings supporting Earth wish you to stand to perform the clearing?

Step 3

Once you have your spot, get into ready position for the PRIME 5 Movement Series.

Facing the sun, arms overhead, palms facing each other, legs hip-width apart.

Step 4

Begin practicing the PRIME 5 Movements Series. Hold the following intention for several minutes while performing the series:

I clear the fear

Step 5

Continue doing the PRIME 5 Movement Series. Hold the following intention for several minutes while performing the series:

I clear the trauma

Step 6

Continue doing the PRIME 5 Movements Series. Hold the following intention for several minutes while performing the series:

I clear the control

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Peace and Love, Jeilene