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Each month I am honored to bring you fresh content from several collectives reflecting the current energies we are experiencing to support your continued  evolution and expansion. 

We are living in an amazing time on our planet!   There is so much possibility for each of us to experience ourselves from the expression of our true potential.  Jeilene and her guides are dedicated to supporting this group with high vibrational information and guidance. 

"Whether we are focusing on the healthy function of your physical being, offering guidance on how to live in harmony with and honor Earth, or helping you expand your innate gifts, supporting you and supporting Earth is our mission."       ~ Jeilene

Each one of the collectives who offer their service brings their own unique perspective and experience to our group creating a diverse experience where you can learn and grow in alignment with where you are.

It's easy to stay connected!  Tune into each month's array of guidance through one easy portal to access:

  • Monthly In the Field topics with a live webcast, tones, and resource materials, including all archives.
  • Information streams with Thoughts from Jeilene blog and Earth Notes.
  • Friends in the Field conversations to expand and deepen our journey into each topic and bring in additional guidance and support for our shared growth and expansion.
  • Resources: Tones, Meditations, Articles, and Good Practices,
  • Easy download buttons for webcasts, tones, and meditations.
  • Private membership area where you can ask your questions and get direct guidance.

We are in a new age of potential for the human race

Evolving out of our limitation into our true potential will be experienced differently for each of us.

Here are some of the ways Jeilene's guides support your continued evolution:

Finding Your True Self and Experiencing Joy

We have all come here to experience life in the physical for many different reasons.  One very important reason is to remember who and what we truly are and how to access that truth.  It is your true nature, resting at the center of your being, where you will find the greatest peace and joy.

Jeilene and her guides offer many experiences to expand your awareness, open your heart, and experience your truth leading to greater joy and harmony in your life.

Physical Wellness

In order to actualize our potential, our bodies need to be strong, resilient, and healthy. 

Jeilene brings you the latest scientific research on longevity and healthy living and her guidance team supports that information with specific energy transmissions and suggestions to optimize your health.

Activating Your Potential

Who are humans and what is our potential beyond what know ourselves as?  Can we all become psychic, telepathic, and travel through different dimensions?  

Jeilene and her guides offer many doorways into your understanding of these skills and how you can cultivate them.  Energy transmissions are offered each month to activate your DNA to access your full potential.

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    “I could not attend yesterday as planned. I have just listened and once again am in awe. I have benefited greatly month in and month out and am truly grateful for your continued guidance. Thank you. ”

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    “Loved this sharing on trust. You and your guides nailed it. So true, and helpful to read this. It's really the key to an empowered life. Thank you ”

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    “Thank you, thank you for your gifts..tears flowing, heart opening. Much love”

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    “The information is so unique and the knowledge imparted gave me a new and practical understanding of my fields so that my relationship with them can now be truly different. For me, the understanding is like a missing link. It is not general or generic and boom went deeply right in.”


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