Light Vibes Learning Community

The LVLC is an dynamic creation of guidance and support for your well-being and health based on the current energies surrounding us.  Jeilene and friends create a nurturing place for you to experience expanded states of consciousness with light and sound energy, harmony within, healing, and longevity.

Each month Jeilene channels a new topic in response to the current energy field in order to bring you opportunities for living into your highest potential.  Guidance is provided by the Mantis, the Arcturians, the Divinians, and many other light beings Jeilene works with.   As we evolve in our consciousness and gain a great understanding of our current experience here on Earth, we are naturally drawn to have a deeper appreciation and relationship with Earth.  Jeilene's guides, who are stewards of Earth, often emphasize how important this relationship is and how it is an integral part of our healing and evolution.   

Your journey of health, well-being, and expansion is supported each month with a channeled meditation and tones activation,  a live Connections in the Field zoom meeting where you can receive guidance and healing for a specific issue, and a live webcast on each month's topic for greater understanding and a live energy transmission from Jeilene's guides.   All of this happens in the container of a wonderfully supportive community where members are able to connect, create friendships, and evolve together.   Over two years of materials are available to members to resource at any time - if there's something you're experiencing, there is a meditation and resources

Mission Statement:   

  • To bring the knowledge and teachings of beings who are the co-creators of our experience here on Earth for our continued well-being and expansion of consciousness.
  • Stay in connection and balance with Earth and all other beings to foster well-being and optimize health.
  • Create a community for connection, expansion, and understanding of who and what we are in our truth.
  • Learn from the beings who are stewards of the Earth how to reach our potential in this time of shifting energies.  

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Connections in the Field conversations will expand and deepen our journey into each topic and bring in additional guidance and support for our shared growth and expansion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have purchased a Web of Life Course, do I have access to the Light Vibes Learning Community?

The Light Vibes Learning Community is a separate product that you purchase on a subscription basis. Conveniently, you can access your Light Vibes Learning Community directly from your Web of Life Courses page.

Are the Light Vibes Learning Communty materials downloadable?

All of the videos, tones, and audio meditations are downloadable.

If I am a member of the Light Vibes Learning Community are the Web of Life Courses included?

The Web of Life Courses are separate products that you purchase. Conveniently, you can access your purchased Web of Life courses directly from the Light Vibes Learning Community if you are a member.

What are the member privacy polices in the Light Vibes Learning Community?

Member lists are not posted. A site ID is assigned to you from your email name, but you can change it in your account profile. The site ID is used to identify you when you post or comment (which is optional).