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    “My classes and personal session with Jeilene was extraordinary.  Jeilene has the ability to combine the left brain (logical) with the right brain (intuitive) creating a feeling of wholeness where miracles can happen. Also, I appreciate Jeilene’s gentle and wise ways to communicate to me information that spurred me onto a higher path of my evolution. ”

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    “Love this practice! So simple yet so powerful. Thank you. ”

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    “That was amazing....Yes I did experience myself dissolving and really expanding. So many thanks xx”

The Embodyment Course is your opportunity to work with the new Earth energies to bring more peace, awareness, and alignment to your soul's evolutionary path.  By integrating the energetic aspects of your being and aligning with your truth, you create cohesion, joy, and lightness of being.  

We eagerly await the opportunity to work with each of you in this process of becoming and expressing your full potential.
- The Mantis Collective

By participating in the Five phases offered in this course you will:

  • Transform your energetic field from fragmentation to cohesion within all aspects of your being.
  • Release attachments, restrictions, and hindrances to your expansion and ascension with exercises and meditations designed to allow you to do so swiftly.
  • Come to know and feel yourself as an embodyment of Source.
  • Know yourself in your infinite potential in service to All That Is.  

The course includes:

  • Live or recorded webcasts with Jeilene on each unit.
  • Channeled tone sound transmissions for each topic.
  • Accompanying course materials including exercises, meditations, and helpful guidance on best practices for well-being.
  • An easy to use portal where information is stored and can be easily visited and downloaded.

Preview the Course

Phase I: Connecting to Your Body

  • Video demonstration of the PRIME 5 Movements with toning by Jeilene.
  • Video on how to incorporate toning into your daily practice.
  • Breathing Techniques

In these phases, we will first work on becoming fully connected to our physical body through movement, toning, and breathing techniques. In 2019-2020 Jeilene downloaded a system of movements called the PRIME 5 Movements. When performed regularly while toning, chanting, or humming, the movements balance your Soul’s energetic field into alignment with your current physical expression. The PRIME 5 Movements will be demonstrated and explained on video by Jeilene making it easy to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Phase II: Discovering Your Full Self

  • Direct channeled transcripts from the Earth Logos and Mantis on the PRIME 5 Movements and the Inner Aspects work.
  • Integration of Self Meditation with tones.

Once you are aligned with your physical form in the now, you will be ready to discover all aspects of your current energetic expression. This is facilitated through meditation to meet each one of the aspects of your being. These aspects are energetic representations of different stages of your life, whether they are age-related or life experiences you have gone through. You will have several of these energetic aspects, each with its own traumas, agendas, and purpose for being. We will explore how to discover and work with these aspects directly through meditation, creating a safe sanctuary for your aspects to visit and tell their story.  Understanding each aspect, hearing their story, and helping to release their trauma brings coherence and unity to your energetic field.

This process can and should be practiced multiple times, with new insights and progress gained each time to facilitate the expansion of your self-awareness and understanding. It is a powerful process that can help identify and discontinue unknown and unwanted drivers of your current reality.


Phase III: Releasing and Integrating Timeline Energies

  • Channeled transcript: Releasing resistance created through attachments
  • Exercise:  Releasing density around past traumas

In this phase you will discover how to identify the over-arching themes you have come to work through in this lifetime.  These themes drive your responses, emotional reactions, life path, and more in order to send direct signals to you.  These signals are meant to bring your awareness to the themes in order to resolve them in both your current lifetime as well as throughout your Akashic field.  Resolution of these over-arching themes occurs when we recognize, accept, and integrate each one of them into our energetic field.   You may have several, or just one main theme that you are working on in this lifetime as it relates to your Akashic field and Oversoul.

Maree Mantis offers a powerful meditation she calls the Sonic Release Integration. This technique clears multiple timeline energies en masse.  To do this, Maree calls in the presence of each of the lifetimes connected to your predominant theme, regardless of how many there are.  Once called into the space, each of your soul expressions forms a circle with your present expression included.  Maree then creates a gravitational force at the center of the circle that draws the trauma from each lifetime into the center forming a spinning mass of energy.  Transmuting this energy, she creates a sonic release of the energy mass which is then integrated into each of your soul expressions.  This immediately unburdens each of your soul expressions providing freedom and an acceleration of your Oversoul’s ascension.  The process moves deeply through your energetic field and beyond creating shifts at all levels of your being.  

Phase IV: Releasing Self to Embody Source

  • Channeled transcript:  Perception of Self and the Fear of Losing Self
  • Meditation:  Releasing Self to Merge with Source

We all have perceptions, ideas, and beliefs about who we are, how and where we live, and what we like and dislike to do.  We hold dear our ideas and perceptions of our identity and how we show up in the world.  These perceptions, ideas, and beliefs form an energetic structure around each one of us that we express and wear like a coat at all times.   When that idea of self is challenged, denied, or diminished in some way it can cause us great sorrow, confusion, and anger as we retaliate from the source of that negating force.  It is also frequently the case that we are not energetically cohesive and do not have a strong sense and expression of self.  Either way, we are typically locked into ideas of who and what we are and how the world sees us as well.  We can become so wrapped up in our identity that it can rule all of our behavior and reactions.  For example, the belief that “I am the wounded child who did not receive the love I deserved when I was young” can become entrenched into your energetic field shifting your behavior towards others and your ability to feel. In fact, that belief can completely block you from recognizing the love of those around you – the very love that you believe yourself so badly in need of may already be all around you.  When you believe yourself to be unlovable, you cannot feel the love that is already there because of your firm belief that you are never going to truly get what you need.

Phase IV of Embodyment takes you through the process of letting go of your perceptions of self completely so that you may know yourself in your truth– as a direct expression of Source energy, infinite and expansive.  The Mantis offer a meditation to merge your energy field with Source through the letting go of self and becoming All That Is while still embodyed in the here and now.

Phase V: Expression of Self as Source is Self in Service

  • Channeled transcript:  Service as the full embodyment of Source.
  • Meditation:  Releasing timeline traumas of service through Sonic Release Integration.

A message from Maree Mantis:

The word service conjures up many reactions in each of you because of your shared history of what it has meant to be in service or in servitude while on Earth; not many of these reactions are positive. You have a shared aversion to the notion of being in service because of the self sacrifice it has involved in your past.  This is not the way service was meant to be understood.  Service is simply the agreement to be the expression of Source embodyed in form, which, through the completion of the first four phases, you will already come to realize that you are.

You are the divine in action, in expression, in form, therefore you are in service to the divine as it expresses itself as you.  You are sharing the experience of expression as Source through you, as you.  This is a service to the divine, service to All That Is.  As one who is in agreement to be in service, the way it was meant to be experienced, costs you nothing and offers you an abundance of potential to express yourself in infinite possibilities.  It is also of great benefit to all beings around you, your community, your race, and all of Earth’s creations.  The effects of knowing and expressing oneself as Source and the service to humanity it provides is immeasurable.

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