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Welcome to Joy Code Embodyment

 Hello and Welcome to the Joy Code Embodyment Collection!

This course and supporting materials are brought forth during this challenging time on our planet to serve as a vehicle for embodying the peaceful awareness of our true divinity.  From this awareness we settle into a place of deep compassion for ourselves and all else, knowing that without exception, we are all made of the same substance, light, and vibration of Source energy.  

Integrating these teachings from Quan Yin, The Angel Collective, and The Mantis Collective will offer all an opportunity to bring every cell of the physical being into balance and resonance with the divine self.  These wonderful guides send wave upon wave of grace, compassion, and healing to Earth during this unraveling of the old paradigms to usher in the energy of divine love to offer a salve for humanity's deep wounds.

I am honored to bring their timeless messages through for the benefit of all who choose to participate and to all whose lives they touch. 

Blessings, Peace, and Love,