Course Summary

Joy Code Embodyment Collection

Welcome and Introduction

Week 1: Quan Yin - Compassion as a Vehicle for Transcendence from Suffering

We cannot connect to or maintain a connection to joy until we release ourselves from suffering and pain.  Quan Yin teaches us how to use compassion as a vehicle to resolve deep suffering, heal our hearts and bodies, and connect to joy.  Through this transmission you will connect through your heart field into deep compassion, first for yourself and then for the collective.  As all matter, which includes all matter present on Earth, vibrates with the energy of Source, ALL is worthy of compassion and love. Nothing is outside of deserving this love regardless of how it appears or behaves.  All is Source energy in varying degrees of awareness to its own identity.  As Quan Yin amplifies our ability to hold ourselves and others in deep compassion, it naturally connects us to a deeper awareness of our God-self which immediately resolves our attachment to pain and suffering.      

Quan Yin - Compassion as a Vehicle for Transcendence from Suffering Live Transmission
Live Transmission from Quan Yin: Compassion as a Vehicle to Transcend Suffering
Meditation and Tones - Quan Yin Energy Transmission - Compassion and Abundance

Week 2: The Angel Collective - Embodying Your Truth, Resonating with Joy

How do we discover what our personal truth is?  How does embodying that truth help us to resonate with more Joy?  The Angelic Collective will offer their guidance, meditation and tones on this topic helping you to discover how to connect and allow your truth to flow through you and become the prominent aspect of your being.  Your truth represents your divine aspect, the higher self, which is a stream of energy and consciousness from your Oversoul.  We will explore ways to increase the flow of your divine self, remove blocks impeding its presence, and connect all systems of your physical being to this magnificent aspect of you.  As you allow more and more of your higher self to direct your life, synchronicities spontaneously arise that open opportunities for you to live in alignment to your purpose in a state of connected JOY.      

Angelic Collective Message - Resonating with Your Personal Truth
Live Transmission from The Angel Collective
Meditation and Tones - Angel Collective

Week 3: Maree and the Mantis Collective -

 Maree and The Mantis Collective will offer guidance, a meditation and tones to unlock the unexpressed Joy Codes within your DNA amplifying your potential for happiness, bliss, and good health.  These divine Joy Codes are housed in the master cell within the stillpoint of your heart chakra.  These special codes of DNA are etheric in nature but have a dramatic impact on your physical DNA’s expression.  This means that your etheric DNA is able to change the way your DNA is read, also known as how it is epigenetically controlled.  In fact, it is these energetic strands of DNA that are continually interacting and shifting your physical DNA’s expression – and this is often how energy effects the physical body.  Working with these etheric strands, the Mantis Collective will offer a

Mantis Collective Transmission - Amplifying Your Joy Codes
Live Transmission - Maree and the Mantis Collective
Meditation and Tones - Mantis Amplification of the Joy Codes

Week 4: Webcast Recording |  Q and A |  tones with Jeilene and guides.

Joy Code Embodyment Webcast Recording
Joy Code Embodyment Recording of Webcast Q and A
Meditation and Tones - from Joy Code Embodyment Collection QnA