New Retreat at Xinalani This May 8 - 15!


This past year has been quite a roller coaster ride for all of us - in one way or another we have all been touched by what is happening on a global scale and have spent a lot of time nestled in our own, safe bubbles.

As some of you may know, each year my retreat partner Rachel Pfotenhauer (, and I organize a retreat to the amazing Xinalani Eco-Retreat Yoga Center south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the shores of Bahia de Banderas.  During the week we are there, Rachel and I l…

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Working with the Solar Eclipse Energy

Eclipse 2020

   Today, in fact as I write this, our Sun's rays and energy are shining down upon Earth in a very specific way to alight our path to the upcoming Solstice Gateway.   Today marks a turning point and a passage through what may have been one of the most difficult and/or transformative years of your life. 

Today as we celebrate this Eclipse, it is good to spend some time outdoors, connecting to Earth to ground ourselves, and meditating on what this year has represented for us.  How has this year t…

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Interview: We are in Collaboration with Earth


Interview from the school for Humans and Earth with Helen Claire Harmon

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with Helen Claire Harmon who started the Humans and Earth school, website, and podcast.    

In this conversation, Helen Caire and I discuss:

  • How I moved from a conventional background in the sciences to working with Earth beings as a healer.
  • Why connecting with Earth is part of being embodied in phy…

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