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March Energy Read - Message from the Mantis

This month the energy is moving fast - you may feel like you're in a washing machine from time to time!  The Mantis have shared a message about the current energy and how our embodiment plays a key role in our ascension.  They remind us how to find our home note to bring ourselves back to our Prime state of being, fully connected to our physicality in order to receive the benefits of the current energy fluctuations.  

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February 2022 Energy Update - Nurturing Ourselves and Anchoring Into Compassion

February Energy Read

As we enter February you may feel drawn to go inward and do some cocooning.  It feels like a good time to take a moment to reorganize the way we are energetically relating to the outside world and reassess how we want to interact with it going forward.   This is no surprise given the radical shifts in energy we've been experiencing for the past several months, and also the knowledge that they'll be continuing going forward - our new normal.  

 Peace and much love,


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Winter Solstice Gift - Releasing Resistance to Amplify Our Potential

Releasing Resistance to Amplify Our Potential

Enjoy this message and activation from the Arcturians to release attachments to the old in order to align ourselves to the infinite potential of the unknown and new.  

You can also access the video and audio-only file in the Wellbeing Store:  

Peace and much love,


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Vibrational Genetics Meditation: Resilience Intelligence from the Heart and Microbiome


This meditation is offered to help you move through this time of intense transition for Earth and humanity with resiliency and adaptability. We connect to the energy generated by our heart's chakra field as well as our microbiome to bring in the intelligence of these two aspects of our physical and energetic beings. Adaptability and resilience are two things that will help us all flow through our ever-changing world with ease and grace. The microbiome, which includes about 39 trillion microbial …

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Dreams Arise During the Buck Full Moon

Buck Moon

Each full moon has its own name, changing depending on where you are in the world, and who you ask.  This month's full moon is known as the Buck Moon by Indigenous Americans, and its symbolism fits well with what we've been discussing recently in regards to the energy that is around us at this time in our evolution.

The July full moon is called the Buck Moon because it relates to the male deer whose antlers are growing and flourishing at this time of summer.  Metaphorically, this relates to the…

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February Energy Update - New Energy Attunements

feb energy

Have you noticed that you're connecting to your guides differently this past month, or feeling like you're not connected at all?  We're currently undergoing a reorganization of our energy fields and are relating to the field around us in a whole new way! 

Watch the video below as I take you through what's currently happening and how you can start to feel more connected and aligned again.  

Peace and love,


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Soothing the Collective - Meditation to Expand Peace, Love, and Acceptance for All


Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening for our meditation, it was wonderful to connect with you again!  If you missed the meditation or would like to repeat it, you can watch it here or on YouTube.

The intention of this meditation is to create unification, acceptance, peace, and love within ourselves and to share that vibrational frequency with all of the beings of the world.  

Peace and Big Love,


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January Energy Update & Live Meditation 1/20/21


January is positioned to be quite a transition month!  The winds of energy began sweeping in this weekend and whipping everything up creating a feeling of potential chaos and havoc – figuratively and literally – it was so windy last night I was unable to sleep as I listened to the trees shake and the Earth respond.  It’s not surprising given what the U.S. is currently experiencing – deep divisions of belief and thought that doesn’t seem to have any common ground.  It feels as though hatred, unac…

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Working with the Solar Eclipse Energy

Eclipse 2020

   Today, in fact as I write this, our Sun's rays and energy are shining down upon Earth in a very specific way to alight our path to the upcoming Solstice Gateway.   Today marks a turning point and a passage through what may have been one of the most difficult and/or transformative years of your life. 

Today as we celebrate this Eclipse, it is good to spend some time outdoors, connecting to Earth to ground ourselves, and meditating on what this year has represented for us.  How has this year t…

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Finding Peace Within the Chaos


As we approach the ever-contentious and chaotic election in the U.S., deal with uncertainty in our economy and our safety, it can all feel a little overwhelming at times.  Even if you are good about avoiding the news, for the most part, to keep your vibration elevated, it is hard to avoid the collective vibrational frequency of fear and chaos that is all around us these days.  Especially for empaths, the energy of the collective is intense right now and can be draining.  

Personally, what I've …

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