Today's Strawberry Super Moon

strawberry super moon

Happy Strawberry Super Moon!  Tonight's full moon is called a super moon because it will appear larger than normal due to being closer to Earth.  When the moon is full it is directly across from the sun and receiving its full light.  Since our Sun is nearing its longest day in the northern hemisphere, we're being treated to a lot of its influence right now and I think it's safe to say we've all been feeling it!  

You may notice yourself feeling very emotional today as you realize something is coming to an end or someone is completing their cycle of life.  These changes are all aligned with the natural cycles of birth life and death - whether it is an idea, a project, or a sentient being, but it can be hard to let go and let flow in the direction of completion.  We have a tendency as humans to want to hold on to things, situations, and people and not let them go on to their next experience or iteration.    It's hard to release what we think is providing our happiness or safety, but at this moment, letting go is an important part of what we're learning to do and become better at.   

Letting go allows for an expansion of freedom, and makes space for the new to arise.  This is where we are headed as a species, to experience more freedom of thought, form, and function.  Our children are already experiencing this and are responding differently to the energy field than those who are older because their DNA operates differently.  Within the next 50 years, a vast array of humans on Earth will have DNA that operates at an increased level of function and this will bring about so many positive changes for humanity. 

For those of us who are not coming of age at this time, we can join the youth by working directly with our DNA and continually training our physical body and energy field to just let go and let be.  


Peace and much love,



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