June Energy Update - Moving Through the Pressure Cooker

June has been another intense month energetically, coming in on the heels of the two recent eclipses.  We've been treated to a bit of a pressure cooker by the energy field around us calling up opportunities to release any stuck energy along your growth curve.  This means that if there's something you came into this life to learn, move through, and become neutral around, this month is giving you another opportunity to do just that.  It's all happening in the context of creating and vibrationally matching more sovereignty in our field.  Our energy field now asks us, what are the situations, relationships, and areas of your life where you aren't experiencing freedom and what can you do to shift that?

While going through these times of growth can be a challenge, there are several things we can do to bring ourselves into a neutral state of being so that we reap the rewards of our experience.  I've made a few suggestions in the video for you.  

As we close in on the Solstice you'll start to notice a shift in the energy field around you.  I can already feel the pressure decreasing and the easing of the energetic drive to release and clear old soul wounds.  It will be a nice reprieve.  The summer months ahead will be a good time to enjoy family and friends, travel, take a much-needed rest, and let the juices start flowing for what you want to bring into form this Fall.  

Happy Summer Solstice!

Peace and love,



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