May Energy Update - Eclipse month and what it means for you

This month we're experiencing two eclipses that are helping to create intense photonic waves of energy that are bathing the planet.  This photonic light is magnifying anything in your energy field that is still left unresolved making it very uncomfortable to leave it in a state of denial or resistance - it feels like a time of reckoning.  The push behind this energy is expansion, so if there's anything in your field that might thwart that expansion, it's going to get blasted.  This may show up as physical issues with the body, mental and/or emotional issues, or otherwise.  According to the guides, the easiest path to take right now is to let go of anything that feels restrictive or slows or blocks your expansion.  We're moving towards freedom at an alarming clip, so hold on and clear the decks of anything that might get in your way!

I've posted a video with the message from the Mantis here. 

Peace and much love,



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