January 2022 Energy Update


Happy New Year!  

The energy of 2021 offered an intense clearing of our energy fields.  We were called to do deep soul diving to understand where we are still holding resistance in our energy field.  We worked with our DNA, clearing and preparing it to receive the activations and upgrades of the energy streaming into Earth at this time.  It was a lot of energy to move!  And this may have left many of us feeling pretty exhausted or raw by the end of the year and needing some time to regroup.  Late December and early January felt as though we were in a collective pause.  Things seemed to slow for a while as we took a moment to go inward and be still.    

As we move into the second half of this month, I can feel the energy picking up again providing a boost of wind beneath us to move forward into new projects and directions.  

This will be a year of watching things around us change, morph and adapt to the ever-changing energy flows.  There are some important themes for this year that I’d like to highlight for you to be aware of.  The first is resilience and adaptation.  We are always changing, but the swings we're experiencing now feel much bigger and more dramatic.  Constant change can take its toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s important that while we move through these first few years of the 6th sun and adapt to expressing our masculine and feminine energies in a more balanced way, that we are aware of the effect it can have on our health and well-being.
Pay attention to your body this year.  Nurture it, exercise, rest when you need to, and eat a healthy variety of foods to keep your microbiome balanced and happy.  Your microbiome is your best friend at this point, microorganisms have so much to teach us about being resilient and flexible in any environment.  Luckily, over 60% of the cells in your body belong to your microbiome, so you have a good chance at adapting to anything as well!  When your commensal microbiome is flourishing your brain, hormones, digestion, and immune system will function well and foster resilience in your body.  Stress creates a cascade of damaging effects on your microbiome, so finding peace within the energy storms will be an important practice to cultivate in the coming months.
2022 is the year to learn how to visualize, feel, or tune into the energy field around you in order to navigate the chaotic fluctuations and actively choose the timeline you wish to experience.  The training wheels have come off.  You are now called to ride the waves of energy as the master that you truly are (time to tap into all of those other lives you’ve lived).  You will very likely witness many people this year who will find themselves at a difficult crossroads, you may be one of them.  Decisions will need to be made, new directions taken, new careers embarked upon.   How will you know which way to turn, which new path to take?  The answer is simple and part of another important theme for this year, and that is to resonate in your heart frequency before you make any major decision.   
Tapping into your soul’s mastery on Earth right now is possible when you continually bring yourself back to your heart.  Recognize when your head is doing the decision-making and get into the habit of asking your heart what it would do.  This takes practice since we have all been taught to “think” our way through life with our brain, the same brain that is hard-wired into the trigger-happy fight/flight/fear/freeze system in our body.  It’s too easy to light up that fear response during these challenging times and create a cascade of detrimental effects in the body.  Your heart, on the other hand, emits a strong frequency of energy that resonates with your soul, it is your portal into the expansive aspect of yourself that is as wise as the many hundreds of lifetimes you’ve lived. 
This is very likely not new information for you to hear, but knowing something and actually practicing it are two very different things.  It will be vital to your health and well-being this year that you spend time amplifying your heart frequency.  A wonderful aspect of doing this will be that your overall energy field will begin to resonate with higher frequency timelines and your experiences will reflect that.  This is what it means to vibrationally match a timeline of your choosing.  Manifesting a fantastic reality doesn’t come from wishing it into being, it comes from creating a frequency of energy within you that matches and resonates with where you’d like to be.  You can choose to vibrate however you wish – it really is your choice – but you can’t think it into being, it comes from the intelligence of your heart.
Many are predicting that 2022 will bring about a massive restructuring of some of our largest institutional systems, and this feels ready to begin.  Anything is possible in this type of shifting energy field on a planet that has taken off her raincoat to let the cosmic waves of energy flow in unabated.  These entrenched systems of the world are ready for revision and although it may be uncomfortable to live through their undoing, it’s a necessary part of the transition into a higher frequency of experience. 

How will you experience this breaking down and rebuilding phase?  Will it feel like the world is crumbling in on you or will you be able to match the frequencies of new earth from the center of your heart?  Your soul has been through major transitions before, and your DNA knows the way through this.  The energy flowing into the planet right now is activating dormant sections of your DNA in new and exciting ways.  This year we’ll be focusing on continually clearing the morphogenic field around the DNA so that it’s primed for activation and a new expression. 
I look forward to an exciting year ahead that is sure to bring challenges but also amazing new heights of awareness and expression.  
Peace and much love,



Chara Armon

I am personally experiencing all that you say here so eloquently. This sentence caught my attention as being especially masterful and crucial for us right now: "Manifesting a fantastic reality doesn’t come from wishing it into being, it comes from creating a frequency of energy within you that matches and resonates with where you’d like to be. " Thanks for this potent message.


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Jeilene Tracey Staff

Thank you Chara!  The guides were pretty clear with me this week, today feels like a big shift into a very potent time for  creating our reality as we choose! 

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