December 2021 Energy Updates


Happy Winter Solstice!  

We continue to find ourselves in the energy of learning how to expect the unexpected.  As we acclimate to this new way of being, we may recognize that by becoming adaptive and flexible to the changes that come our way on a minute-by-minute basis, that we begin to embody that energy within our being.  When we embody adaptability within our energy field and being, our cells follow suit and also become more nimble.  This allows our nervous and immune systems to calmly experience the new energies of our ever-changing environment without becoming triggered and inflamed.  The inside then directs the outside demeanor and we are able to move through our new Earth from a place of neutrality and calm.  

The Arcturians teach us to become neutral observers of our environment so that we may adapt and flow with the changes that arise.   Neutrality of being allows us to choose how we engage in our world as opposed to engaging in it from a reactive stance of fear or aversion that was set in place from our childhood or Akashic field.   It aligns us to the freedom of experiencing life from a platform of infinite potential.  

The energies present on Earth now are a warm-up for where we are headed as part of Earth's and our Soul's evolution.  We are accelerating into a new way of being.  The more we can let go of our attachments to how we believe things should be based on what we have already experienced, the more we will align ourselves to our potential to joyfully and fully experience what is ready to arise.  Begin to notice areas in your life where you are holding resistance to what is and give yourself permission to let go of outmoded ways of thinking in order to align yourself to what can be.  

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season full of love, possibility, and exciting new connections to your innate gifts.  

Peace and much love,
Eclipse Energy Bringing In The New

December 4th, the total solar eclipse occurs, only fully visible in Antarctica and partially visible in the southernmost regions of South America, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  Regardless of whether or not you can see the eclipse, we can feel its effects across the planet.  Solar eclipses represent an opportunity to change trajectories or align with a new path in astrology, and it's not always by choice that we find ourselves thrust into something new.  Oftentimes during eclipse energy, we experience things crashing to a dramatic end making space for something new to arise.  Because this eclipse comes while we're still in the afterglow of the lunar eclipse on November 19th, things have been pretty turbulent on the world stage and at home too.  

I don't often tune into the news, but it's hard to miss the talk of the new strain of Covid hitting our shores in the states and already making itself known in Africa and Europe.  The timing is not surprising considering the major energy shifts we've been experiencing.  The tension and stress it's causing are palpable across the globe as new restrictions are being tested. These microscopic viral agents of change are a key player in the dramatic shifts humanity is undergoing.  We all have an opportunity to get in on the action of this change and continue to bring in new ways of living, working, communicating, and being with each other that align to a new vibrational expression.    

It's likely that you've been feeling the extreme pressure and variability of the energy around us right now.  At one moment you may feel as though you're in a hyperbaric chamber getting squeezed, making it hard to breathe, and then the next like you're expanding rapidly and light as a feather.  Your nervous system is constantly responding to these changes and trying to make sense out of it all and this creates an ongoing challenge for your immune system that pivots into defensive strategies.  Because of this intense turbulence, it's really important to mind our p's and q's as they say.  Please be careful out in the world these coming days, drive slowly and carefully, take your time getting to where you need to go, expect the unexpected, and roll with it.  Things will not necessarily be as they seem or as you were expecting them to be, so be ready to pivot to a new trajectory and try a new path.   The more we can be easygoing about life and change right now and focused on what we want to align to, the easier it will be to transition through this time.  Although your new path may feel thrust upon you and not what you were expecting, it is the golden gift of the solar eclipse and will bear fruit in the coming months.

I recently listened to a wonderful podcast all about the benefits of the blue-green algae spirulina and chlorella.  The timing was perfect as both of these ancient superfoods are loaded with vitamins and minerals that can help our bodies stay resilient and healthy during this challenging time - spirulina especially has been documented to offer a big boost to our immune system to fight viral infections (they're even testing it as a vaccine!). Once again we are reminded that Earth provides everything we need to stay healthy and aligned, weathering any cosmic storm that may come our way!   

The other very helpful information I've been receiving lately has come from our Arcutian friends.  They've been bringing in messages and exercises to help us through this transition and they've been wonderfully effective.  After a particularly intense energy squeeze the other day, I was gifted a beautiful wash of warm and soothing energy from the Arcturians as I drifted off to sleep that night.  I asked them what the energy was and they let me know it was the frequency of hope that they had just shared (more of their insights are below).  I was surprised because that didn't match my idea of the word hope, which I perceived as less powerful.  Well, expect the unexpected!  The Arcturians have completely redefined this word for me and I look forward to sharing a meditation to amplify this frequency in our bodies this month in the Light Vibes Community.   

Stay safe and healthy, and aligned to your potential!

Peace and much love,


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