Vibrational Genetics Meditation: Resilience Intelligence from the Heart and Microbiome


This meditation is offered to help you move through this time of intense transition for Earth and humanity with resiliency and adaptability. We connect to the energy generated by our heart's chakra field as well as our microbiome to bring in the intelligence of these two aspects of our physical and energetic beings. Adaptability and resilience are two things that will help us all flow through our ever-changing world with ease and grace. The microbiome, which includes about 39 trillion microbial cells in your body, represents the orchestrators of our human evolution and is a critical player in our overall health and well-being.

Connecting to and working with your microbiome in meditations such as this one can help enhance your awareness and appreciation of these tiny but essential partners and imprint the energy of adaptability and longevity into your overall energy field. When we activate the heart, we connect to our soul energy, helping us to ground ourselves into the present moment, take the higher view of all that is happening around us, and stimulate the release of healing and nurturing neuro-hormones such as oxytocin, GABA, serotonin, and dopamine so that we can experience JOY. Earth and humanity are changing at a quickened pace, but we have the intelligence and resilience to experience this time from a place of peace, calm, and joyful expression.

Peace and much love, Jeilene 


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