November 2021 Energy Update


The energy continues to intensify this month as Earth's radical energy reorganization continues!  As she releases and expands into new expressions of her being, we are also called to do the same.  It's time to look at how we create and understand if it's in alignment with our core truth, the resonant vibrational frequency that flows into us from our soul, known as our heart song.  Traveling through the 11:11 portal gives us a potent opportunity to align to our soul's and Earth's frequency of joyful creation in everything we create and do.  When we create from this place we amplify the potential of what we bring into being and align it to Earth's expansion giving it higher potency and clearing blocks from the field.  When we try to create from our thinking brain, we often hit roadblocks and speed bumps at every turn, making it hard to bring our intentions into a form that is easily expanded out for the benefit of humanity and Earth.

Sitting high up on Bell Rock on Monday, an energy vortex in Sedona, I was given a message from the Mantis who have always been very present there:

As Earth expels everything from her core, even we (the Mantis) have shifted out of her central dimensional layers - we are all receiving a tremendous amount of energy from her that is moving through us.  Cleansing - yes, if we wish to embark upon that path of release. Activating - yes, our DNA is vibrating with a frequency of expansion.  You may feel energized to create and do many things right now.  When you do that while you sing your heart song, you align yourself energetically to the Earth frequency of joyful creation and create in collaboration with her, and the expansion of what you create multiplies.  Allow your heart song to flow from you and be your signature imprint.  Allow it to be the vibrational frequency that you share with the world and watch your future unfold before you in alignment with the joy of being, the joy of riding the waves of energy.

Our heart song is the resonant frequency of our soul as it flows into our physical being from Source, your original energy frequency that acts as your pilot light.  Since this energy flows into us through our DNA's morphogenic field as well as the stillpoint of our heart, It can be connected to and amplified by focusing on the expansion of our heart's energy field.  There are many ways to do this, but one of the simplest is to take a moment (or several moments each day) to stop, breathe deeply, and become present with the current moment.  Allow the worries and anxieties of the past and future to drop away and just focus on the present moment.  Once you're present, focus your awareness and thought patterns on something that brings you joy and lights you up from within, making you smile.  This can be anything from a funny moment you experienced to a beautiful sunset you witnessed where you felt serene and at peace.  Once you feel connected to the warmth and glow of that experience in your heart, begin to imagine it expanding, like a ball of light, from your heart outward.  Keep expanding this ball of light until it fully encompasses you.  You are now bathed in your soul's resonant frequency, your home note of joyful creation that perfectly matches that of Earth's resonant frequency.  Once you are aligned to your soul and Earth, you can share that frequency with everyone and everything around you by creating, speaking, and acting from this vibrational tone.  

Keep yourself connected to your heart and happy creating in the 11:11 energy!  

Peace and much love,

My good friend Katman Udarro is hosting a free, all-day 11:11 Love Wave. Each hour, Katman will post a new meditation created specifically for the 11:11 portal by 11 talented healers and mystics on his YouTube site: 3rd Eye Salon. I'll be one of the healers featured with a meditation to help you connect to and radiate your heart song.

You can find the meditation created for this on my YouTube site.


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