October 2021 Energy Update


October has been a wild ride!  The energy has continued to be intense this month with big swings from low and slow-moving to high and fast-paced.  It's hard to keep up with all the changes we're experiencing on a daily basis and sort out how our bodies and nervous systems are responding to it as well.  If you've been feeling sluggish and tired one day only to feel amped and charged the next, know that your body is responding to the variations in the electromagnetic field around you and trying its best to keep up.  

Our bodies are like antennas, constantly tuning into the energy field around us.  When that field is fluctuating dramatically, life can feel equally as dramatic and unstable.  These fluctuations are mirroring the high degree of changes that Earth is going through, both physically and energetically.  She's responding to the surges in plasma waves radiating from our cosmos, bringing in new codes of information and invitations for expansion.  These plasma packets of energy streaming into Earth's atmosphere bring with them new information for us to respond and adapt to and often bring us to crossroads where we need to decide what to let go of and what to hold on to as we move ahead into a new frame of reference for our reality.    

Imagine you've just moved to a new country and everything in this new place is different from what you're used to.  The culture, customs, language, food, weather, architecture, and people are all different from what you've grown up with and are accustomed to.  You do your best to settle into your new surroundings, trying new ways of speaking and feeling in this new place, but sometimes you realize how exhausting it is being in a constant state of adaptation.  You realize that your old ways of doing things no longer work and you've got to make some changes in your behavior and expectations if you're going to be settled and content in this new place.  

What I've just described is basically what we're going through here on Earth.  We've grown accustomed to the energy field and surroundings feeling and looking a certain way, but that's all changing and fluctuating on a constant basis.  As we adapt to our new energy surroundings we have to realize that it's a lot for our nervous system and energy bodies to take in.  It's helpful to remember that our physical bodies are the manifestation of our Oversoul energy streaming into this dimensional plane, bringing in the full expression of all of the lives we've lived and will live - therefore your whole Akashic field is interacting with these big changes and can become triggered into states of fear or stress as memories of previous cataclysmic times on this planet percolate to the surface of your awareness.  The Earth is a dramatic school of experience - she's gone through incredible changes to her body in her billions of years of history - and we are both a reflection and an integral part of her energy field changing along with her.

How well you keep up with these fluctuations has everything to do with how adaptable and clear your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are.  Now is the time to be an excellent caretaker of your physical being, to lovingly nurture your spiritual curiosity, and patiently soothe your emotional body, while keeping your mental stories in check lest they derail your efforts.  You are called to gently midwife your emotional memories into a better place of acceptance and integration in order to release the resistance in your body that creates physical issues when left unattended to.  It's time to sort out the dramas and disturbances to your field that pull you out of a present moment awareness so that you can process those experiences that pull you further away from the vibration of love.  Finally, you are called to embody more of your soul energy into your being in the here and now, so that you can enjoy this new country we find ourselves in to the fullest extent possible, and that is infinite, just like your soul.  

October brings us back around the spiral of time to the place where the veil is thin and we can interact with our ancestors, loved ones in spirit, and our own Oversoul.   While we are always surrounded by these energies, it is this time of year that we come to realize it more than ever, and it provides us with a window of opportunity to create more avenues of communication between this dimension and the ethereal realms.  This is especially helpful this year as we continue to undergo intense transitions that can be put into perspective by these helpful guides.  There is tremendous upside to these changes as well, and this becomes apparent when we tap into our higher dimensional guidance.  When we actively process emotional density from our Akashic field in this 3-dimensional space, we can shift our afterlife (or perhaps better described as in-between life) experience dramatically.  We'll talk more about this in this month's live webcast, it's an exciting aspect of living in this time on Earth!     

Hang in there during these swift and unpredictable transitions and please take sweet care of your whole being as best you can.  

Peace and much love,


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