September 2021 Energy Update


Wow, there's a LOT of energy moving us forward towards our expansion this month!  Sometimes it's felt like a little too much, actually.  I had a wonderful trip to Portugal at the start of the month and while I was there it felt like I was in suspended animation, in a really good way.  It didn't feel like I was meant to do anything other than be totally present with my experience there and the energy of Portugal was very easy, clean, and supportive.  Upon my return, after a few days of reacclimating to the vibrational frequency of home, I felt an intense amount of energy swirling around me to bring my ideas, intentions, and projects into form.  On the one hand, it feels exciting, engaging, and uplifting, and at other times, it feels totally overwhelming!  

What I've noticed happens during times like this is that it's very easy to get caught up in the doing in order to keep up with all of the things you want to get done when there's so much engaging and amped-up energy present.  This can lead to feeling like you're treading water, barely staying afloat, and constantly falling behind putting you into a restricted energy state that conflicts with the "manifest now!" type of energy present.  And feeling out of synch with big energy leads to big feelings of discomfort.  When we're in the middle of the energy tornado it can be difficult to see through, around, and over the situation to give ourselves perspective on what's going on.  This is when it becomes helpful to have an intuitive friend or practitioner give you some guidance on tuning into what you're missing so that you can find some peace and reduce feelings of overwhelm and doubt.  

If there's a project, idea, or intention that's been brewing in your subconscious mind for a while that feels like it's going to explode if you don't bring it into being, now you know why!  If so, know that while taking action is an important part of the manifestation process, it's not the only important part.  Smooth and potent manifestation happens when we are energetically aligned to our greater purpose, our higher self, and are representing ourselves from our place of truth.  This is easy to lose sight of along the way when we're in action mode, so remember to bring yourself back to the core of your being, remembering what is driving you forward in the first place.   Connecting to your core will help amplify your emotional field of intelligence so that it can inform you of what is truly important to focus on in order to support your continued evolution.  The doing and creating are relevant, yes, but they are mainly by-products of a process that your soul is going through and not the whole point of the creation process.     

Sometimes instead of treading water, we need to just let go and allow ourselves to be enveloped by what is present so that it can have its intended effect on us.  
I wish you all a wonderful month of manifesting from your Soul's deepest intentions!  

Peace and love,


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