August Energy Update 2021


The theme of this month is "refresh" which was inspired by the activating energies we're experiencing this month.  The new moon on the 8th coinciding with the Lion's Gate portal brings in waves of photonic energy activating our DNA's morphogenic field propelling us into action to create.  You may have already felt the urge to expand, create, make, do.      

Last month's full moon had an intense impact on us to better understand and clear old energy overlays on our DNA that were affecting us physically and emotionally.  It brought up long-dormant feelings and memories of experiences from our recent and ancient past as they became front and center in our awareness.  Any time we become aware of an old emotional wound that seems eager to heal, we have the opportunity to move through it with greater understanding, forgive and become neutral, and open ourselves to something new.  The timing of these emotional revelations and releases align perfectly with the energies of August that are beginning to stream in.  The new moon on August 8th marks the start of a tremendous push of energy thrusting us forward towards our ability to creatively manifest our soul's vibrational frequency.  This means more alignment to your purpose with an opportunity to create a whole new way of bringing it into form.   

Have you felt the urge to rework the way you've been interacting with the world in order to better align with your soul's evolution?

I've been feeling this pull and have really enjoyed co-creating a new look and feel for the Light Vibes website!  There's also been a shift in my relationship with the Mantis which has prompted me to start the book they've been nudging me to write for a long while now.  I can feel a great deal of energy and creative flow moving these things forward at this time, which is a nice shift from the blockage I felt earlier this year (I'll share more about how that shift occurred for me during this month's live webcast).  I hope that each of you has allowed yourself the space to go inward these past few weeks to discover what was ready to be released so that you are open to bringing something new into form.  It's often the case that we need to let go of something in order to make room for the new, and this month shows us that with its tremendous energy push.  This type of energy can also feel overwhelming and intense because it has a tendency to come in gusts and change trajectory abruptly.  So if it feels like one day you're on fire creatively and the next day you're spinning your wheels, don't dismay, you'll get the flow back in your favor before too long.  Take advantage of those slow days by doing something different that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit so that you don't get burned out during the big thrusts of energy.     

If you're having trouble tuning in to the new potentials that are ready to arise in your energetic field, take a moment each day, or whenever you think of it to become present moment focused, centered, and coherent.  Coherence is the alignment of your awareness with that of your heart field and shifting into this state allows you to hear and speak the language of your heart and emotional field.  This is especially important right now because our emotions set the tone of our energetic field affecting our vibrational frequency.  If we want to live into our potential, our vibrational frequency needs to match that potential - and that happens when we are in coherence, neutral, and present.

This month in the Light Vibes Community we're building on the work we did with the Mantis and our DNA last month.  We'll be moving downstream to the effect our DNA has on our emotional field and restructuring it when needed.  Much of this work will happen in the brain in order to shift the way we perceive the field of energy around us when it's driven by outdated information causing us to react in restrictive ways.  When old emotional overlays are removed from our DNA it activates new areas of activity and unlocks abilities for us to experience.  This is humanity's path of evolution of consciousness leading us to greater states of awareness and a truly multi-dimensional experience.

The more we release, the lighter the journey, the lighter the journey, the higher the vibe!

Peace and love,


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