Happy Summer


July marks the launch of a new energy field around us.  We are moving out of a time of quiet reflection, energy reorganization, and exploring our shadow side and into wonderfully flowing and forward-moving energy that will carry us through for the next several months.  There will be small dips in this energy here and there, but the overall theme of the next several months until December centers around bringing long thought-of projects to fruition, connecting with others who have similar goals and energies as you, and bringing new ideas, technologies, and healing modalities into form.  It's an exciting time of forward progress and I look forward to seeing the many new ideas and directions humanity takes during these next few months!      

We have all been in a cosmic incubator for the past year (or more!) and we're finally getting the universal green light to go forward and create!  If you aren't feeling in alignment with anything new or creative, it may be useful to look back at the past year and tune into any ideas for new directions you had but didn't feel like you had the gumption or energetic backing to accomplish.  Now is the time to revisit those.  There are so many different ways to bring new projects, ideas, and ways of supporting ourselves and others into form, and you may have a favorite method for this.  For those of you who could use a little help, try starting out by doing a meditation (with a journal handy) and asking the following questions:

  • Why am I doing this?  
    • Get clear on your motivation for what you want to accomplish - will it be a benefit to many?  Does it align with my soul purpose and/or expansion of consciousness?  We live in a time of rapid manifestation when our desires match the energies of expansion and harmony for all - it's a hallmark of moving into 4D and beyond.  How well does your idea or project align with the greater good?
  • Who is my support team?
    • Have you cultivated a close relationship with your guides so that you can call on them for support and guidance along the way? If not, start doing so by regularly meditating or journeying to connect with them (there's lots of help for this in the Light Vibes Community)
    • Do you have a network of trusted friends and allies who you've shared your ideas with who support you?  We're not meant to do things in silos anymore but in collaboration with one another and our multi-dimensional helpers.  As we become more aware of all of the beings around us on a constant basis, we can become more collaborative with them for the evolution of all.  Having friends you can exchange information and ideas with is a key ingredient to enjoying the process of creating!
  • Is there anything blocking me from moving forward?
    • Are you afraid of success?  
    • Do you lack the belief in yourself to become what you envisage? 
    • Do you self-sabotage your projects so that they never come to fruition?  The field around you is a reflection of your energy and will show you what you're projecting at all times.  If you have a deep-seated lack of trust in your ability to be successful based on old traumas, experiences, or abuse then spend more time getting to the bottom of those beliefs and clearing them.  It's very difficult to bring fresh new ideas and directions into form when the old paradigms of energy are dominating your field.  The Mantis are helping us clear old patterns from our DNA this month!
  • How do I see myself and the world with this new idea or direction in form?
    • Here's where you get to dream big and have fun!  Get big with your imagination and envisage your future in the NOW moment by opening and turning on the flow of your heart center.  As you connect with your heart-center as you meditate on all of the wonderful things that will come about while you carry out your dreams, allow the energy to flow from this center and flow out to your entire body, then the room, then your house, town, city, country, world . . . .you'll not only feel great after this and aligned to forward progress, you'll also be helping your body by releasing Oxytocin into your bloodstream :-)
Another helpful way to bring projects into reality is to work with your dreams to help you connect with your higher guidance.  We spent a month in the Light Vibes Community learning how to become lucid dreamers which is very helpful for reprogramming your brain and connecting with your guides.  It's also a lot of fun to ask your guides and greater consciousness for their feedback and see what arises while you dream.  Be sure to keep a dream journal by your bed to write down anything you can remember when you wake up.  

Enjoy this wonderful energy and have fun bringing your visions into reality!


Pamela Imbesi

Thank you for these suggestions and reminders!
I had hoped to join your live call this month but I had already committed to a toning with the grids workshop that day. I find myself very drawn to the toning, as I also took a course with the Solfeggio forks and discovered I feel drawn to hum or tone with them.
 I look forward to joining you again another time!
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Jeilene Tracey Staff

Sounds good Pamela, I'll look forward to connecting with you soon!  :-)

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