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Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying summer with its warm weather, beautiful blooms, and a more relaxed pace of life. The energies this year have been more intense and activating than ever and they are continuing into July as we start to take advantage of the expansion and expression of our unique experiences here.  It's a perfect time to connect to a community of supportive and open-hearted beings to move through these rapid and exciting changes so you can take advantage of all that this new energy has to offer!  When we travel without a map, our journey can feel overwhelming and perilous, but when we've got solid guidance on where we're headed and a supportive community around us, it really helps keep us connected to the present moment and enjoy the experience.  :-)

I wanted to invite you all to join our wonderful group in the Light Vibe Community this month with special pricing to make it easy and affordable for you to stay connected!

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Did you know that each month I explore a new topic as part of the In The Field segment with my guides to bring their wisdom, activations, upgrades, and assistance to you all?  You also get access to a live monthly zoom chat where I offer mini-sessions to address any specific questions you may have.  We have a wonderfully supportive group and I love connecting to each of you this way!  

Here's the information the guides have already brought us this year:

January: Honoring, Clearing, and Nurturing Land and Home

February: Dynamic Communication Networks - Your Body and Your Environment

March: Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and Altered States for Healing and Discovery

April:  Neuroplasticity and Expanded Access to Consciousness

May: Gentle detoxification of Brain, Body, and Energy Field

June: The Frequency of Freedom

For the month of July, we will be working with the Mantis and Arcturians to discover some of the mysteries around our DNA.  They've started sharing some information with me and I've been loving the new insights and revelations about this building block of all life that I've been fascinated by throughout my life.  There's always more to learn!  As we dive into this information they will be offering activations and energies to help optimize our DNA's function and evolution to help us connect with the great potentials all around us at this moment in our story.  

Here's a short message from the Mantis Collective to get us started on our journey this month:

What a miraculous molecule your DNA is!  We are so pleased to broaden your perspective of this amazing energy transmission vehicle that resides within you and anchors your present existence into the greater consciousness of all that is.  We are so honored to be the messengers of this information and energy transmissions to shift the fabric of your reality to an expanded state of being.  Our relationship and work with DNA goes back to our origination as architects and molders of the expressions of consciousness, the energy and thrust behind all matter, all life.  

Our relationship to DNA is a defining aspect for the Mantis race as we are tasked with assisting in the expansion and expression of this tool of consciousness.  We have a special kinship with DNA as it carries with it all of the potentials for new life, new worlds, and new experiences.  The human form is a very special expression of DNA and we are delighted to work with each of you on the activation of your unique blueprint to elevate its function.  This will allow you greater access to the consciousness of All That Is so that you may know yourselves as the natural-born alchemists that you all are.  

~ The Mantis Collective

I look forward to connecting with you soon and hope you can join us in the Light Vibes Community!

Peace and love,



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