March Energy Update - Time to Reorganize our Interactions with the Environment


    Have you been experiencing extreme fatigue, increased hunger, forgetfulness, and fogginess lately?  Has it been hard to get out of bed and you're spending your nights experiencing wild dreams?  If so, you're not alone!  I can't remember the last time I noticed so many people commenting on the same symptoms at the same time.  

    If you've been tuning in to the details of the energy lately you may have noticed that it feels like a constant low humming or droning that's putting us all into a dream state.  The guides have given several reasons for this and each of us, of course, is experiencing it in our own way.  

     The first reason they've shared is that we are continuing to undergo intense changes in our personal energy fields which are reorganizing the way that we interact with our environment.   Reworking the way your nervous system and brain receive and interpret external data is no small change for your body and it requires a tremendous amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy.  This in turn is making us tired and hungry.  Really hungry!  When we feel emotionally, physically, or mentally tired, it's natural to want to replenish our bodies with rest and food - basically refilling our energy tanks.  Your body is working overtime right now, even if you're not aware of it.   

     This brings us to the second aspect of this current phase of the shift - our sleep.  Right now the time we spend sleeping and dreaming is critical to the reorganization process of our energy field.  During REM sleep we dream, and during our dreaming, we are doing more than releasing random excerpts from our day, we are processing events in order to better understand them, release what is stuck, and deepen our relationships with our wise inner aspects.  When we pay attention to and explore them, our dreams give us an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with our divine selves for counsel, education, and insights.  So please take the time to sleep right now and answer the call of your wise inner guidance to listen to what it has to say.  

     There's a lot to comprehend and unravel at this time, and it may be doing a number on your nervous system.  I've noticed that several clients have been experiencing symptoms that you would expect to be associated with a viral infection, even though they're wearing masks when away from home, constantly washing their hands, and not seeing people.  Upon checking in, it doesn't feel viral, but in most cases, it does feel like the immune system's defensive response to the current energy.  Why?  Because the current energy feels very similar to other times we, as souls who have had many lifetimes on this planet, have experienced.  The current energy has the hallmarks of previous times on Earth before a dramatic shift took place - for example, during the fall of Atlantis when many lost their lives, or the rapid rise of sea levels, a meteor impact, or the poles shifting location. 

     This doesn't mean it will happen in the same way, or that humanity will experience a great cataclysm, but we are experiencing an intense shift and that is reminding us of another time we felt the same way.  Re-experiencing this energy is bringing up and clearing some deep-rooted PTSD from these lifetimes.  Not to mention that we are still in the midst of an intense worldwide situation with Covid that has many people paralyzed by fear, depression, and distrust.  So it is not so much that we are on the brink of a huge disaster, it is more that we are moving through an intense time of change that feels very similar to being on the edge of disaster, and it's hard for our nervous and immune systems to tell the difference.  So they do what they do best, respond to the threats and send out the troops to battle, and this can cause us to feel like we've got the flu - body aches, fatigue, poor temperature regulation, nausea, dizziness, and digestive discomfort.  When our body is in combat mode, it's not in relaxation, restoration, and replenish mode, so it can leave us feeling pretty strung out.  

   Now for the good news . . .there's a lot we can do to ride through these changes with more ease and joy!  Don't fight the extra rest your body wants right now and spend some time exploring your dreams.  This month in the Light Vibes Community we're focusing on our dreams and how to become lucid within them to have wonderful adventures with our guides.  One of the steps in becoming and maintaining a lucid (or conscious) state while dreaming is to learn how to focus your attention.  Simple meditations focusing on the body and breath are a wonderful way to do this and part of the practice of dream yoga.  It's so calming and beneficial for the nervous and immune systems to practice this during the day which makes it doubly useful and healing.

     The Sun is a critical aspect of the evolution of our consciousness and enables life to exist and thrive here on Earth.  It delivers information and healing for our cells by constantly upgrading our DNA with new codes of information that match the evolution of Earth.  The more time we spend receiving the Sun's information and upgrades, the easier it will be for us to flow through the current changes without feeling like we've got the flu.  So any chance you get, watch the last minutes of sunrise and sunset without glasses or contacts to absorb the Sun's wavelengths of information.  During the day, spend time outside in the fresh air and sunshine whenever you can to connect with nature, ground yourself, and soak up the rays.  It really will help!

     Spring is right around the corner and it feels like the burgeoning of a fresh new time for us with a lightening of the intense energy we've been feeling lately.  We're so close, so hang in there!  

Peace and much love,

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