January Energy Update & Live Meditation 1/20/21


January is positioned to be quite a transition month!  The winds of energy began sweeping in this weekend and whipping everything up creating a feeling of potential chaos and havoc – figuratively and literally – it was so windy last night I was unable to sleep as I listened to the trees shake and the Earth respond.  It’s not surprising given what the U.S. is currently experiencing – deep divisions of belief and thought that doesn’t seem to have any common ground.  It feels as though hatred, unacceptance, and anger are rearing up in the collective making it hard to move forward. 
Where did this come from and is this who we truly are?  Are we genetically predestined to be aggressive and afraid of that which is different from us so that we feel the need to destroy it, becoming intolerant to differences out of a need for survival?
I believe that the answers to these questions lie in our DNA  - and how we work with our DNA.  We know that we can affect the expression of our genes through different behaviors and activities (epigenetics) and that our brain can be rewired to respond to new cues of information and activity forming a new relationship with our environment.  I’ve seen changes in gene expression happen with clients as they make shifts and have also experienced it firsthand in my own body. 
The human being is a complex mosaic of DNA from many sources, in constant interaction with its environment, leaning, seeking, responding, and changing.  We are resilient and malleable and have that ability because our physical form is a collaboration between Earth, her helpers (microbes for example), and our Soul essence.  We are not static, we are in constant response and change as we experience our world.  How we interpret our experience matters and sets the tone of our emotional field.  
So while we may have the genetics for a strong survival instinct and triggers of fear when confronted with situations, people, and places that are new, different, or unfamiliar, we also have a profound ability to learn, adapt, absorb, and rewire our brain and body to come into a place of curiosity, acceptance, and joy when we take an active role in becoming neutral observers of our reality and active participants in feeding it with compassion and love from our heart field.   
And this relates to what is going on right now like this – we are all confronted with an abundance of situations these days that can cause us to feel uncomfortable, afraid and defensive.  These emotions can cause more of the same to surface in our environment as our beliefs and ideas match those energies.  The important thing is how we respond to the current energies and situations, how we learn, adapt, and move forward – and that will affect our DNA now and for the generations to come. 
We are living in a New Earth energy where many things are possible now that were not before, but it comes with a catch.  In order to reap the benefits of the new energies, we need to take responsibility for our emotions and the energy we send out into the field through our bodies.  By taking responsibility and choosing to emit frequencies of love and compassion, we continuously wire our nervous systems and brains to experience more of those types of emotions, overriding what may otherwise be a low vibrational response to the environment we find ourselves in. 

Now more than ever, we come to realize that we are powerful generators of emotional energy that can move mountains – it’s good to stay conscious of that and to use our potent energy for the greater good of humanity to ease the friction and divisions.  With the wielding of great power comes great responsibility to be a force for good.
So while the winds of change are whipping up and inviting chaos, I'd like to offer a collective meditation for the calming, compassionate, and peaceful flow of energy into the collective that will reflect back to each of us to our own benefit as well.  

Please join me for an free live meditation this Wednesday night at 5 pm Pacific

We will gather to connect our energy fields and send out a vibration of love and healing to Earth and humanity with the help of the energy beings who support our continued evolution.   
I hope you can join us!

(For those of you who miss it live, a recording will be posted in the main blog on my website).


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