Working with the Solar Eclipse Energy

Eclipse 2020

   Today, in fact as I write this, our Sun's rays and energy are shining down upon Earth in a very specific way to alight our path to the upcoming Solstice Gateway.   Today marks a turning point and a passage through what may have been one of the most difficult and/or transformative years of your life. 

Today as we celebrate this Eclipse, it is good to spend some time outdoors, connecting to Earth to ground ourselves, and meditating on what this year has represented for us.  How has this year transformed your thinking, your way of expressing yourself, and what you truly value?  How do you wish to take that into the coming year(s) to experience life from this new perspective?  

As we close the door on 2020 and pivot to look towards the upcoming solar gateway on December 21st, be clear on what worked for you and what you are ready to leave behind from 2020.  Be clear on what you want to bring into 2021 and how.  

Take time during this eclipse to celebrate all that you've endured this year and lessons learned.  Has the energy field of your heart changed?  Are you able to hold more compassion for others, or have you gone inward and shut part of you down?

Be clear on where your heart is still holding pain from ancestral or akashic experiences and allow it to be released and reintegrated today.  It's old baggage and you won't want to be taking it with you as you walk through the solar gateway on December 21st.  

Today marks a momentous pivot for humanity from the old to the potential of the new.  Today is the day to say goodbye to that which is no longer necessary to help you grow and evolve.  Today is the day to take one last moment to be with the struggle, pain, and emotional trauma that fueled so much of your experience here on Earth and gently close the hatch on it.  It's there, it happened, it's part of you, but it is not who, what, and how you are and who you will experience yourself as going forward.  

Once you've said your goodbye, shift your energy field towards your potential, towards your future self, and towards your gifts.  

Call in the presence of your future self in meditation and revel in the reunion!  Ask questions, understand who you are stepping into being, and let go of any limiting ideas on what that is or looks like.  Let yourself dream big because we are moving into the time when our dreams, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs will be creating our reality with precision each nano-second experienced.   Remember that you are the maestro of your reality, the quantum scientist at the wheel of your own experiment - your life.  

Enjoy the ride!




Chara Armon

Thanks for your guidance during this time, Jeilene. I have used this month's meditations several times. It is a very striking day. 42 degrees, absolutely grey, and raining hard here, but I went outside for a few minutes. I know the sun is there even if I can't see it! It feels like a LOT is occurring on a planetary and human species energetic level.

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Jeilene Tracey Staff

Hi Chara, I'm so glad you've been able to use the meditations this month!   The weather there sounds a little challenging for outside swimming unless you're really working on your longevity (!!).  Hopefully, the skies clear a bit for you today and tomorrow, but either way, those solar rays are getting to you and doing what they are meant to do.  xo

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