Finding Peace Within the Chaos


As we approach the ever-contentious and chaotic election in the U.S., deal with uncertainty in our economy and our safety, it can all feel a little overwhelming at times.  Even if you are good about avoiding the news, for the most part, to keep your vibration elevated, it is hard to avoid the collective vibrational frequency of fear and chaos that is all around us these days.  Especially for empaths, the energy of the collective is intense right now and can be draining.  

Personally, what I've noticed the most is the revved-up energy of the Earth and collective combined which has been keeping me awake at night.  To get some balance back into my system, I've been dancing, meditating to release old patterns and beliefs to make way for the new, and also seeking holistic care.  I recently had a wonderful session with my intuitive acupuncturist, Darren Huckle (L.Ac., herbalist) here in Santa Cruz, and got some very helpful guidance for these times that I wanted to share with you because I feel that it is helpful for everyone.  The magical thing about my session with Darren is that I went to him to get help with my lack of sleep and hormonal changes, assuming that the hormone imbalance was at least mostly responsible for my sleepless nights, but the most important thing I left with was probably the suggestions he made to me while I was laying on the treatment table.  During our discussion, Darren suggested that I start making and keeping a daily schedule.  The purpose of making and living by the schedule is not to enable me to get more done, it was actually to allow my brain and my body to relax, knowing that I've spent the time planning for what I want, need, and hope to accomplish in a given day or week so that I don't have to keep a running tally in my head.  Despite this sound logic, I noticed myself pushing back right away when he suggested it, feeling like it was a nice suggestion, but not for me because schedules feel very boring and mundane to me!  While I lay there meditating with the needles here and there on me, I spent some time connecting to why that is.  I realized in that meditation that I associate having a set schedule with a loss of freedom through rigid thinking and limited possibilities.  I cringe at the thought of rigid ideology, limited thinking, and suppression of possibilities.  But through the resistance I have to this idea, I realized that I am actually vibrationally matching timeline energies of oppression and lack of options/freedom and also avoiding organizing my life in a way that brings peace and balance.  Wow, that was quite a revelation!

Just by connecting to this realization, I felt myself soften on the idea of making myself a schedule.  Darren and I talked about some of the creative ways you can make your daily/weekly/monthly/long term schedule that builds in all of the fun and wonderful things you want to do, as well as listing the must-dos.  I left feeling excited about creating a plan for myself that would make room for all of the things I want to include and accomplish as well as all the nurturing and balancing activities I love to do as well.  And it's true, by making myself a schedule, I feel the cohesion it brings to my goals and the freedom it creates in my brain from letting go of that running tally. 

I feel this kind of organizational activity is really helpful for everyone right now, not just those with too many to-do's and an overactive brain.  A schedule brings a sense of calm and order during this very chaotic transition we're going through and creates an anchor for your day.  By adding in the creative aspect of the exercise of making a schedule (my daughter's bullet journal has given me some inspiration, shown above), it brings us into the present moment and calms the overactive default mode network (DMN) of the brain.  The DMN of the brain is a collection of different brain areas that all become activated simultaneously when we are overly focused upon the past or the future, in other words, not focused on the present moment as much.  Focused activities such as creative artistic endeavors are the perfect way to quiet the DMN and bring us into the present moment where we can connect to our higher aspects, wisdom, and guidance.  Being In the present moment at this chaotic time is really the best place to be to maintain your sanity!  Having a schedule to fall back on, even if it's merely a suggestion of what you will do each day, will provide you with some peace and more freedom to focus on the people and activities you love. 

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Chara Armon

I have to admit, I can't live without my schedules and calendars! For me, the discipline that's sometimes needed is relaxing away from them, but I really do find they bring me peace, a sense of being settled, clarity on what fits where in a day or week or month or year, and the ability to relax because "I don't have to think about that right now--it's on the schedule!"

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Pamela Imbesi

I can relate to this as I have always been resistant to following a schedule outside of my work life...but if it can help calm the DMN that often prevents me from falling asleep it may be just the motivation I need! Thanks

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