October Energy Update - Stepping Into the Mystery

Fall leaves

Happy Fall to my wonderful community! 

I wrote the article below last Fall and after re-reading it, find that it is an important message for where we find ourselves in this moment as well.  We have had quite a year so far and we are approaching the culmination of many energetic shifts on our planet and in our personal lives on December 14 when we will experience the final solar eclipse of 2020.  If you haven't somehow been thrust into the exploration of your inner workings this year to unearth areas of emotional and physical density that are lurking within, then now is the time to begin. 

We are approaching the finish line to some very important internal and external planetary shifts. Come December it's going to be all systems go for those who have done their clean-up so don't get left behind in the wake of the tremendous surge forward!   

For ways you can explore that process, the Embodyment course is an excellent resource, as well as last month's Light Vibes topic on Shamanic Journeying.  Reach out to me directly if you need some guidance on what would be the best path for you to take.  


Stepping into the mystery . . .

It is early October in Northern California. Fall is in the air and can be seen and felt all around. The leaves of the trees quietly shutting down their outward flow of energy and begin to send their reserves to their roots, anchoring deeper into the Earth for the storms ahead. The wind changes and increases in frequency and intensity as if to whisper the coming of a new time of inward reflection and silent resonance with what is, what has been, and what is yet to come.

We can feel the mystery calling us, the long nights, and darker skies. It is time to settle in to take inventory of all that has occurred over the past many months in order to understand its importance and meaning. The opportunity emerges to recognize and make peace with our shadows and undesirable aspects, allowing all parts of ourselves to experience acceptance. This creates the platform for the integration of both the easy and the difficult into the One being that we are.

This One being is also known as our Oversoul, and it is the full representation of all that we are, in all of our manifestations. It is Source energy in motion, Source energy in form, Source energy as represented by infinite strands of frequency, light, and vibration.

Our Oversoul represents a vast mosaic of energies, with each bio-photonic manifestation of form harmonized to a variety of octaves, dimensions, and frequencies. During this time of rapid transformation on the Earth, all of the beings here have the potential to recognize all of what they are. It is no longer supported by Earth or collective energy to hide from or deny the parts of ourselves that evoke fear, guilt, shame, or dread. We must dive in and re-experience these emotions, understand their origin, and consciously observe their purpose, in order to neutralize and release them from our emotional field. The transit into this time of year, of inward-facing focus, allows us to step into the potential for deep forgiveness, acceptance, grace, courage, and finally, surrender.

This is the work that we have come here to do. This is the time to allow this work to happen, at the deepest places of our soul. The Earth calls for this and sets the stage for this type of work through the shifts and changes to the electromagnetic energy she emanates from within her. She is experiencing the same level of deep integrative healing and release herself. This magnetizes these energies within us and creates many opportunities and portals of entry to address deep soul wounds, limiting beliefs, and vast karmic baggage.

How this shows up for each of us is different. For some it will pass by like a gentle Fall breeze, stirring only the lightest fallen leaves. For others, it will show up as a fierce winter storm, hell-bent on deconstruction and dismantling of all that is known and relied upon. It all depends on what you’ve come here to recognize, integrate, and release and how much of that you’ve already consciously taken part in. We decided this before coming, and are either actively or unconsciously participating as the architects of our reality. We would not have taken on more than we knew we can handle.

This journey is nothing to fear or shy away from and you cannot get it wrong. The other side of the work opens into new portals and opportunities to experience vibrant joy, serene peace, and an abundance of connection and love. It is all there for those who step into the mystery of what and who they are and dare to ask why. 


image credit: https://www.wallpaperup.com/524349/autumn_steps_fall_foliage_leaves.html


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