Arcturian Energy Harmonization


Meditation and Tone Set Audio Only

More than ever, the Arcturians are making their presence known to many of us here on Earth. All summer, they have been bringing guidance to me and my clients from our future selves – who are Arcturians. They have explained that we are on an evolutionary path that is currently accelerating as Earth undergoes a massive acceleration of her evolutionary journey.

As part of Earth’s body, journey, and expression we are energetically connected to everything happening on and around her. Her shifts and changes create surges of energy and change within us inviting us to release energetic density so that we can continue to match her vibrational expression.

 This is not always easy. As humans, we are vibrational beings that run on the current of emotion. Our emotions create vibrations and a frequency that emanates from our bodies, creating waves of expression that flow through the field around us. We set the tone of our environment constantly through the expression of our emotions.  As we move through our day and life, we often have emotional reactions to something happening in the present based on something that happened to us long ago, or perhaps even in a different lifetime.

The Arcturians often teach us how to be in our environment from a centered place of neutrality, observing and experiencing reality, but not becoming overwhelmed by it. It has been their main teaching for humanity through me since we began working together years ago as they see it as a keystone of development for humanity to gain better management of their emotional expression. 

The energy transmission offered here today is intended to help you balance and clear the crystalline structure of energy in your external sensing field so that you can maintain a healthy state of neutrality. This will enable you to flow more energy from your heart center to set the tone of your environment as opposed to getting caught up and overwhelmed by the environment you are experiencing. This is an important energetic adjustment during these times of rapid and seemingly chaotic changes on our beloved planet.

The transmission includes a short message from the Arcturians and a series of tones designed to clear and balance your energy field. You can listen to it as many times as you feel the need and it will help bring you back into a state of neutrality and harmony with the Earth. 

Peace and love,


Karen johnson

Tears of love bubble to the surface will the tears of love begin to subside? Love from my heart karen

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Hi Karen!  Yes, they will subside.  It sounds like you’re having a good emotional release, just let it flow   💖

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