August Energy Update and How To Support Your Health During These Times


Hello Light Vibers!

I hope your August has gotten off to a good start and that you're enjoying these warm summer days by getting outside and connecting with nature.  The energies of Sirius and the upcoming Lion's Gate on 8:8 have been streaming in and while stimulating and activating, can also cause us to feel a little woozy at times!  For me, I find it's helpful to get outside, ground into Mother Earth, and practice the 5 PRIME Movements to bring myself back into alignment.   Because of this dynamic time on Earth we find ourselves in, this year's Lion's Gate is going to be especially potent.   I'll be posting a meditation and message from the guides right around the 8:8 opening to assist you all in taking advantage of the potentials available to us.  I have been feeling a group from Sirius around me and have been guided to wake early to watch the sunrise this past week - no matter what time I go to bed it seems!  The helical rising of Sirius in the morning sky will first be visible in mid-August, but we are still receiving the information and guidance from this star's light now in addition to our own sun's light.  Sirius is 2 times the size of our sun and supplies humanity and Earth with much of the wisdom we receive via the vibrations of light.  

Our bodies, our minds, and consciousness levels are changing with the influx of this light, and we are invited to maximize our ability to receive these signals through our deepened relationship our bodies, with Earth, and all aspects of her being.  We are ONE consciousness, and as ONE, we share in the activations of all sentient life in and on this planet.  This light streaming to Earth from Sirius awakens the microbes and fungi who assist Mother Earth in her ascension and evolution.  Humans are also an element of that process as an expression of Earth and all of the Starseeds that helped to make us what we are today.  We make this journey together, as ONE.  

To assist our physical beings in staying open to receive the gifts of Sirius, it is important to nurture and support our healthy expression as much as possible.  In support of that goal, I was happy to learn about some new research that has recently become available from one of our members, Chara Armon showing the protective effect of fermented vegetables in resistance to SARS CoV-2 infection.  The research was conducted by a group in Europe led by Dr. Jean Bousquet, a professor of pulmonary medicine at Montpellier University in France. His group was curious to look into the reasons behind the variable rates of death due to the SARS CoV-2 virus across Europe.  They wanted to understand why some countries seem to be fairing so much better than others.  What did they have in common and what can we learn from those regions?

You can see a preprint of their research paper here (it's still in peer review):

After review of the nutrition and eating habits of large percentages of the populations in countries where the Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in lower death rates, they found one epidemiological factor that had a particularly high rate of correlation - the consumption of fermented vegetables! (see Fig. 1) 

“If the hypothesis is proved, COVID-19 will be the first infectious disease epidemic whose biological mechanisms are proved to be associated with a loss of nature. When modern life led to eating reduced amounts of fermented foods, the microbiome drastically changed, and this may have facilitated SARS-CoV-2 to spread or to be more severe,” writes the team.

This is a significant finding and shows how our current lifestyles that don't support a healthy microbiome are leading to increased disease and pathogen susceptibility.  This is not news to many of you, and definitely something I have believed for many years now. It has also been eloquently described by Dr. Zach Bush in many of the interviews he's given, and he has his own methods from microbial rehabilitation that are very intriguing, but it is good to see this proven in mainstream science as well so that more and more people become aware of this knowledge: you can't be healthy without a healthy microbiome!

Fig. 1:

COVID-19 death rate and consumption of foods in European Union countries

Fermented Vegetables:

Do you already incorporate fermented veggies into your diet?  If not, Chara sent me a link to a site that makes it super easy to get started!  Donna Schwenk started Cultured Food Life after discovering the healing power of Kifer over 15 years ago.  She had recently had her daughter, Holli 7 weeks early due to her liver shutting down and was still in poor health with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.  Looking for solutions and ways to support her preemie who was lacking in nutrition and microbes because of her early arrival, Donna happened upon a book all about how to support your health with fermented foods.  She started using them right away and both she and Holli began to thrive and become healthy.  She was hooked and began a website and blog, wrote books, and has appeared on many radio and PBS shows sharing her knowledge.  I'm inspired by Donna and Holli's story and especially appreciative of how easy it is to get started with fermenting veggies, yogurt, and kinds of milk at home with the use of her starters. 

Donna recently posted an article talking about the research from the European team led by Dr. Bousquet and points out that:

"Foods with potent antioxidant or anti angiotensin-converting enzyme activity (ACE2) - like uncooked or fermented cabbage (4-6) - are largely consumed in countries like the low death rate European countries, Korea and Taiwan, and might be considered in the low prevalence of deaths."

ACE2 is very important because it is a protein that is expressed on the outside of cells in our lungs, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract and acts as the entry point for SARS CoV-2 to enter our cells to begin multiplying.  ACE2 is also found in the cerebral cortex, striatum, hypothalamus, and brainstem, which explains why many people who become infected lose their sense of smell and taste. 

Recently I have been obsessed with buying cabbage and making cole slaw, so I was pretty happy to read about the reasons behind my supermarket guidance!  I have also recently started making my own yogurt at home to boost my microbial communities and find that, even though I am typically pretty lactose intolerant, when I make the yogurt at home with raw milk and a complex microbial mix from Bravo Probiotics, I have no problems.  I was excited to discover this because I am a bit of an ice cream addict (true confessions!) so finding a less sugary alternative that is still yummy AND boosts my microbial communities makes me very happy.   Thanks to our member, Jay Wilder for letting me know about this amazing yogurt mix!  It's pricey, but you can use some of your first batch to make several subsequent batches by just taking a small amount and adding it to freshly boiled milk.  That way, it goes a lot further. :-)

I hope you have a chance to experiment with making some fermented foods yourself.  It's fun and easy and fills me with joy knowing that I am creating healthy, microbiome friendly foods for my family and friends at home.  It feels very empowering to take your health into your own hands and become vibrationally in-tune with what nature provides to us for maximum health and well-being, even during times such as these.  

To Your Health!

Peace and Love,



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